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Junk Mail A Terrible Waste of Paper

The amount of waste and pollution generated by junk mail is absolutely appalling! And you don't have a time to read unsolicited mail anyway.

About Us

If you simply want to delete huge amount of unwanted and clutter mails coming to your mailbox you are in right place. Our service is special, in that it offers you to electronically allow or disallow people from sending you junk mail over and over again. This includes us contacting direct mail firms and organizations for you - instead of you contacting them individually on at a time. You can use this online service to reduce your unsolicited email and it generates a customized letter directly from you to every sender requesting that they stop its mailing list service to you. Depending on how the bulk mailing service is set up to receive such notices, your letter may be transmitted to them via data stream, facsimile or other electronic means.


If you have tried to unsubscribe but the emails keep coming, how about getting rid of all Junk Mail instead? Order today for only $79.95

  • We Work with all mail accounts
  • We ensure that you never lose an important mail
  • Perfect to stop unwanted advertising mail, promotional messages, catalogs, newsletters, credit card offers, coupon mailers, contest notices, fundraisers and other unwanted mail at mailbox - Now!
  • Removing junk mail saves you time, and saves trees!

Service Highlights

  • We establish security protocols for our services for your privacy which is important for us.
  • We Protect your Privacy while stopping most junk mail for $79.95 per year!
  • We are not interested in your personal mails. Our processes is only to focus on commercial promotional and transactional mail.
  • No Postcards or written! Over all machine-controlled mail list removals


Basic Mail Hold


We submit your hold mail/vacation request

We monitor your hold request

We ensure the proper formatting of your hold

We remove your hold request when instructed/back from vacation

We send you a free Ebook on how to manage your mail contacts

Standard Mail


We assist in forwarding your mail to the places you designate in the US

We notify up to 100 organizations that you have moved (catalogs, frequent flyer, insurance, magazines, etc.)

We monitor your mail forwarding request and redirect misdirected mail

We add your location permanently to the junk mail removal list (saves trees too!)

We remove all forwarding orders when instructed

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